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Cohen’s Plea Deal Is a Huge Embarrassment… for Mueller

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

L et’s get this straight – after 15 months of investigation into possible collusion of Trump’s campaign with the Russians the only thing in relation to the US president the…

Is North Korea Going to Withdraw from the Summit? The Answer Is In Beijing

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

J udging foreign policy maneuvers is always difficult for an external observer, since diplomacy really takes place behind the scenes. But not all activity is easily hidden – and some…

The Real Message of Childish Gambino’s “This is America”

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

C hildish Gambino’s “This is America” portrays the situation in the US really well – not only through the video but through the reactions it caused. The obvious reality (of…

It Wasn’t Assad – It Was Putin

2400 1426 Michael Petraeus

A nother year, another chemical attack in Syria. The internet is yet again flared up with speculation as to whether Bashar Al-Assad could be so cold-blooded and evil to gas…

The Weird Coup – What Really Happened in Turkey?

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

A fter a restless night the situation in Turkey appears to be stabilizing, with the government authorities regaining control of the country. But, as it happens, there are still many questions…

Three Reasons Why There Won’t Be A ‘Domino Effect’ After Brexit

2048 1200 Michael Petraeus

B ritain chose to leave and the EU leaders are now losing sleep over a possible fallout from this decision. Here are a few reasons why the ‘domino effect’ that…

Who Needs Britain Anyway?

2091 1486 Michael Petraeus

T hree weeks away from the referendum about UK’s future in the EU the atmosphere is heating up as the latest polls show a slight advantage in favor of Brexit. What…

5 Goals Vladimir Putin Wants to Achieve in Syria

1920 1080 Michael Petraeus

E xactly two years ago, in September 2013, Vladimir Putin demonstrated his diplomatic prowess by brokering a deal which removed chemical weapons from Syrian regime’s hands – and prevented Western…

What Will Make The Coming Crisis Much Worse Than the Last One

1920 1200 Michael Petraeus

M any think that the 2008 crisis, which almost resulted in a meltdown of the US financial system and sent a few European countries to the brink of bankruptcy, is…

What an Ambitious Man Seeks in a Woman

1920 1038 Michael Petraeus

M any discussions about relationships these days inevitably lead to a debate why so many intelligent, successful women stay single. What happened to the men? Where are they? Does female…

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