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Malaysia, Joke of Asia?

2328 1443 Michael Petraeus

L ast year I published a highly popular article in which I explained why Mahathir must step down. It was no laughing matter then – the new Malaysian government kicked…

Singapore is Teaching the World How to Deal with Fake News

2246 1497 Michael Petraeus

T he little city-state of Singapore is ahead of the curve yet again. As the world is debating how to deal with the growing threat of fake news, it has…

We Should Accept a Nuclear North Korea

2000 1225 Michael Petraeus

R elations between the US and North Korea are heading for the lowest low since the leaders of two countries exchanged insults in the early 2018. Since then it seemed…

PMD Ban and Why Food Delivery Apps are Like Washing Machines

2400 1500 Michael Petraeus

A s the controversy over PMD ban continues, I have a few other observations to make as a result of it – about the government and about the public –…

Dr. Moan — Malaysia Can’t Be Treated Seriously With a Complainer in Charge

2000 1386 Michael Petraeus

S omething truly amazing happened last Thursday (or so it seemed). Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad announced approval for the Rail Transit System between Johor and Singapore. Malaysia, he…

Rebirth of Spanish Fascism Puts Chinese Actions in Hong Kong To Shame

2530 1600 Michael Petraeus

F or months of increasingly more violent protests in Hong Kong Western leaders have warned, threatened and lectured China on how it should behave towards protesters who were – in…

Joshua W(r)ong – the Butcher of Hong Kong

2400 1476 Michael Petraeus

M onths go by and I keep wondering how big a hole the protesters are going to dig for themselves and their city. Despite their seemingly good intentions their actions…

X-Raying Kirsten Han

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

S ingapore’s favorite “oppressed” child, Kirsten Han​ published a response to many allegations circulating about her and her buddies. In it she paints herself as a victim of state-bullying and…

Corralling the Lion: Singapore’s Biggest Foreign Threats Lie Close to Home

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

S ingapore’s location, coupled with reasonable, friendly governance, has long attracted foreign business to the island. But, as it has grown in prosperity and importance, it has also brought lots…

Rethinking Death Penalty, or Why Nearly All Criminals Should Be Executed

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

A German businessman has just been sentenced to five and a half years jail in Singapore for promoting overseas child sex tours in the Philippines – caught by undercover policemen…

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