Can Trump Pull It Off Again? 2020 Election Forecast

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

J udging by the polls there seems to be no way that Donald Trump could repeat his success from 2016. Back then the polling companies were caught off guard by…

Is Joshua Wong Getting a Medal from Xi Jinping?

1986 1117 Michael Petraeus

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Why Only Rich Politicians Should Donate Money Publicly

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Xinese Virus: How One Ruthless Man Triggered the World’s Worst Healthcare Crisis in Decades

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

P resident Donald Trump is not the one to beat around the bush so, when the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry (no less) started peddling a conspiracy theory that…

Indo-lence: How Indonesia is Becoming a Global Threat in the Covid-19 Outbreak

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

Critical Spectator started a store! Visit VeryWell.sg I’ve always thought no writer should depend on others paying him for his writing but rather that his work should be supported by…

USA vs. China 1:0 – America Wins First Battle on Trade

2400 1556 Michael Petraeus

A fter two years of mounting tensions, US president, Donald Trump, has signed the Phase 1 of a comprehensive trade agreement with China, scoring not only a vital political win…

Trump Bags a Historic Win, Humiliating Toothless Iran

2400 1600 Michael Petraeus

F or all the hysteria pouring out from all corners of the world about impending World War 3, 8th of January 2020 was remarkably uneventful. And as the US President…

Iran Will Not Retaliate – It Has Far More to Gain By Playing Victim

1200 759 Michael Petraeus

H ysteria took hold of the mass media of the world after the bold airstrike carried out by US forced in Baghdad killed the legendary commander of the elite Iranian…

The Iron Gentleman: After His Meteoric Rise, Britain is Entering Johnson’s Era

2212 1474 Michael Petraeus

W hen Boris Johnson took over the reins of the country this July I didn’t think much of it aside, perhaps, from a certain pity for the man who was…

From Poland to Singapore: How Nicolaus Copernicus Inspired POFMA

2400 1646 Michael Petraeus

I was in the midst of writing another post in an attempt to clarify many misconceptions people express in online comments about the application of Singapore’s anti fake news law…

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